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What’s up pavement?

February 22, 2012

There is something about bikes which presents so many new experiences. These week, I got very intimate with a new friend, The pavement!

My friend Jordan was in town from Portland and we had a blast biking all over the city. I cannot tell you how beautiful San Francisco looks on a bike, but I will probably try at least ten more times!

I clipped in for the first time this week. To explain what this is for those not big on cycling, basically, you wear shoes with a metal thing on the bottom, and then install pedals specifically made to have a death clip on the shoe. Check out this picture:

Clipless or clip-in pedals

If this sounds dangerous, well yes, it is. I am not sure who decided shoes should be attached a a two wheeled, very unstable object used to weave through traffic, but let me tell you, I would be hesitant to shake their hand at this point.

Although I wish I had a video of my own learning process, but this video should give you an idea of how my week has been

Hope you got a good laugh out of that, but honestly it is the most humiliating thing ever!!

Anyways, Jordan and I attempted to go on my first bike tour ever! We planned to make it to Napa, but unfortunately after a minor bike accident we had to turn back. By accident, I mean I was clipped in, slowed down, couldn’t unclip and fell over. The result- i bent my wheel beyond repair.It was a major bummer, but certainly a learning experience! I am so glad he is moving here so we can make another attempt!

I got my wheel repaired early this week, and of course got a flat the next day by running over a nail in the park. Seriously people…STOP PUTTING NAILS IN THE BIKE LANE! Luckily, this presented a great learning experience! I changed my first flat this week!

Basically, A lot of good came out of the bad this week, and I am so glad I had the opportunity for all of these new experiences!


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  1. veganteen11 permalink

    I’m just learning how to clip in… ouch 😦 it totally hurts.. although getting on a spin bike has helped a bit. I feel your pain (and hopefully that pain is gone and you have the hang of it!) 🙂

    • I am sure you will get it really soon! As soon as you get used to it you will not be able to understand how it was so hard at first. I laugh about it all the time now. It becomes such habit that now i twist to take my foot off the platform pedals on my other bike!

      thanks for following my blog!

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