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CSM Newspaper Article

April 23, 2012

From the San Matean Webpage:

“Bike ride takes girl from coast to coast

by Manuel Orbegozo

At only 19 years of age, former CSM student Megan Ryan set a lifechanging goal: to ride her bicycle across the country.

Ryan will start her 3,800 mile trip on May 27. Her starting line will be in Virginia. She will then

travel through ten states and end in Oregon.

“I had heard of people running marathons or other things, but never anything as extreme as traveling

across the entire country on human power,” said Ryan.

Ryan will ride as part of Bike and Build, a nonprofit organization that puts together cross-country trips to

garner attention and raise funds for organized affordable housing.“Not only are Bike & Build Participants learning to fundraise, or to work for an extended period training for their trips, but they are also learning how to devote themselves to making a change,” said Ryan.

The non profit has donated $3,387,200 dollars to housing groups so far. $605,000 were donated by the nonprofit in the summer of 2011.Ryan is a former student of the middle college program at CSM

and currently attends University of San Francisco as an Environmental Science and Education major. She

hopes to be involved in outdoor programs for special needs youth in the future, said Ryan.

One of dangers of her trip will be sharing the road with the cars on the highway travelling at higher speeds. “In 3,800 miles we will be passed by probably a hundred thousand cars and countless other dangers which could hurt us. We are going to need to put an amount of our safety in the hands of Americans literally from coast to coast,” said Ryan.

Another challenge she will encounter on her trip will be at the Trail Ridge Pass, which is located in Colorado at 12,000 ft. of elevation. One of Ryan’s former CSM middle college classmates, CarlieJones, 19, said she believes Ryan can take on anything.”Out of all my friends she is the most capable and motivated so I think she will enjoy herself,” said Jones.

Ryan works at USF’s bike repair stand. This has helped her learn more about her bike in another

level. She is also taking a bike maintenance class.Raising money for her trip has been her biggest challenge in getting ready for the Bike and Build journey. Every rider must raise a minimum of $4,500 prior to the

departure of their trip. The most helpful thing she has learned so far is talking about her trip to others

wherever she goes, said Ryan. “I try to be involved in as many things as possible in my local bike

community so I can meet people who are passionate about cycling and hopefully my trip,” said Ryan.

Besides getting “gnarly” leg muscles, Ryan said she hopes to realize how much difference a person can make in the world and how to push herself beyond her limits.“I am learning how to raise money for a great cause, how to network, and how to monitor my own progress. These are skills which are setting me up for success in anything that I do,” said Ryan.

Visit Ryan’s blog at  to get insight about her trip and also

instructions on how to donate.”

Read the Article on the San Matean Site


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