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Kansas City, MO

June 26, 2012

Kansas city. The first place we have really settles in to. We had both a build day and our first day off in one place. I cannot explain how great it was to just breathe for a few days.

Our build day in Kansas City was unconventional to say the least. We were helping to clean up a home that had been condemned for 30 years. If you have ever seen the show hoarders then you may have an idea what this was like. Every room was full of mixed belongings to at least waist height.

When we first showed up the 31 of us were going strong and making incredible progress, but unfortunately as we pried the crispy belongings from the floor, we learned that the floor boards had become soggy and in some places nonexistent. we learned this only after one of our riders, Taylor, took a plunge through the floor and cut his arm and leg open on broken glass, landing him in the emergency room.

This was a horrible, horrible thing to see, and it really brought moral down, but we continued carefully and were able to complete the day.


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