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About Bike & Build

From their website:


Bike & Build raises funds for affordable housing projects.

– Over eight seasons, Bike & Build has contributed $3,387,200 to housing groups to fund projects planned and executed by young adults; this includes more than $605,000 donated from the summer of 2011. Bike & Build hopes to donate at about this contribution level for the summer of 2012.

– Through pre-arranged gifts, Bike & Build funds affordable housing projects executed by our participants in communities where our events begin. Through our grant program, our organization identifies and supports exciting projects involving young people all throughout the nation. Bike & Build also supports local affordable housing organizations along each route through on the road donations.

Bike & Build garners media and community attention for the affordable housing cause.

– Bike & Build’s expansive national footprint allows our organization to promote the need for and importance of affordable housing in 47 states, 1 province, and hundreds of communities nationwide.

– Through print, TV media, radio, town-hall style meetings, and informal grassroots interaction, Bike & Build participants bring our organization’s message to thousands of people from all walks of life.

Bike & Build fosters leadership and lifelong philanthropic service in our participants.

– Bike & Build’s programming introduces young adults to the affordable housing cause, engages them in a unique and interesting way, and creates a prolonged and intimate connection.

– By funding building projects involving students and young adults, Bike & Build creates incremental service opportunities among young adults, empowering this crucial demographic.”

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