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I am so grateful to all who have contributed! You are incredible!



The following people are making this possible:

Kay Archbold

Catherine Archbold and Lin Murphy

John and Hana Archbold

Edward Austin

Gayla Bell

Don and Laura Besecker

Patricia Besecker

Rick and Marcie Besecker

Liza Brownstone

Rachel Carlson

Dave and Peggy Delbon

Kathy DeMarco

Arthur Dumas

Amy Flores

Sandy Frank

Michelle Garcia

The Geddes Family

Ryan Guzalowski

Devra Harris

Danielle Hassid

Joseph Hassid

Ron and Sherri Kaufmann

David Klein

Robin Kuehn

Wynn Kwan

Joy Lindholm

Thomas MacDonald

The Marshalek Family

Ed and Patti Martin

Jim and Jenny McCann

Steve and Peggy McKelvey

Greg and Vivian Miller

Michael and Jo Murphy

The Navarro Family

Dr. Rozendal

Gary and Barbara Ryan

Jim and Jenifer Ryan

Lillian Ryan

Matthew Ryan

Mike Ryan

John and Jane Sanchez

Ernest Schmidt

Aashay Tutika

John and Janet Venturino

Verducci Family

Joyce Watters

Emily Wolfsohn

Robert Wrinkle

Maurine Zwemke

Hungry students of USF who have bought cookies from me or helped me bake cookies. It all adds up!

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